We see so many fabulous pony party cakes each week at the ranch and we thought it would be fun to share them with you to brighten up your winter.

Our wonderful parents bring these amazing pony cakes to their children’s pony birthday parties, and these are just a few of them.

Some are grand and some are simple, but they are all made with love and are cakes that the children will never forget.

So join in the fun and let us know which cake is your favourite and share the mini-film with your friends who like baking.

Our top fun baking tips for pony cakes are below ……enjoy.

Our top fun tips for pony party cakes are that Curly Wurlys and Chocolate Fingers  make great pony fences. Shredded Wheat can also make really convincing bales of straw.

 So, if you are promising your child a pony birthday party in 2015, please don’t delay. Book online or the telephone as we are always very popular and parents booking parties for 2015 now.