Unboxing New Shetland Hoof Boots- TV EP 401

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A big parcel has arrived at The Ranch. Creme Brulee is helping to unpack, let’s find out what’s inside!


It’s been a record heatwave Summer at Shetland Pony Club and the ground is very dry and hard. Oh dear, not good for little hooves.

We installed some soft rubber matting for the ponies to lie on and stand on.

But they need a little help with their hooves when they are on the trail.

A special delivery has arrived and it’s a box full of little hoof boots for the ponies.


Wow Creme Brulee has a pretty rainbow pink pair of hoof boots. Let’s try them on!


You have to lift up your hooves and then velcro them at the front. That was easy and they look great. Now it’s time to give them a test run. Brulee looks very springy on the hard ground.


Do you like them Creme Brulee? Looks like you do!


Watch the video to find out more: Unboxing New Shetland Hoof Boots

Availability update:

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  • Saturday, 10 September 2:15pm – Spaces
  • Saturday 24 September 2:15pm – Spaces
  • Sunday 25 September 2:15pm  – Spaces
  • Saturday 1 October 2:15pm – Spaces

Starter Rides  back on for 3-year-olds! 45 minutes long and are specially designed as first riding experiences for children. £45/ child.

  • Saturday 17 October 3:15pm – 1 Space
  • Sunday 23 October 12:15pm – 1 Space
  • Monday 24 October 10am- Spaces
  • Tuesday 25 October 10am- Spaces
  • Wednesday 26 October 10am- Spaces
  • Thursday 27 October 10am- Spaces

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  • Sunday, 23 October 2022 – 14.15pm
  • Thursday, 27 October 2022 – 14.15pm
  • Friday, 28 October 2022 – 11.15am
  • Saturday, 29 October 2022 – 14.15pm
  • Sunday, 30 October 2022 – 14.15pm

One and a half-hour session – £65

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From Rosemary, the Shetland Pony Club Team and all the Shetland ponies