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Shetland Ponies Zooming Around

 Yay! Let’s watch the Shetland Ponies zooming around.  New field This week the Shetland Ponies are looking for a bit of extra grass. Rosemary has opened up a new field to graze and they are really excited.  Galloping around Can you see which Shetland Ponies are...

Shetland Pony Share Members Autumn Ride

 It’s our last autumn ride of the year at Shetland Pony Club. The ponies are ready to ride with our Pony Share Members all around the farm.    Lovely Autumn Ride  The children and ponies set out to enjoy the lovely scenery and the crisp frosty morning at the Ranch....

Yay! Shetland Pony Club Wins an Award

Yay! Shetland Pony Club Wins an Award  - our adorable ponies and the team are so excited at this good news. Best Children’s Equine Experience The ponies and team at Shetland Pony Club are thrilled to have won the Best Children’s Equine Experience Award for 2023. The...

Are Shetland Ponies Strong?

Are Shetland Ponies strong is a question we are often asked at Shetland Pony Club. In this week’s video we look at how a Shetland Pony’s shape means that they are very strong. Compact bodies Shetland ponies have short strong backs and strong lower legs as well as a...

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