Did you know that Shetland ponies can graze for up to 17 hours per day? That’s a lot of eating.

When the grass is frosty, like this week in England, the ponies know not to eat too much grass, as it will make their stomach’s sore.

So, what else do Shetland ponies do?

Well, the ponies love to itch and rub and you can see who is doing this in the video.

They also scratch each other to make friends and bond with the others.

The Shetland ponies also love to trot, canter and gallop around the meadows for fun.

When their playtime is over, they snooze in the sunshine. Can you see Toffee and Teddy Bear taking a nap, so adorable!

Ponies do not lie down for very long, maybe thirty minutes maximum, as this can be unsafe for them in the wild.  They take it in turns to lie down and will do so at any time of day, with their friends watching over them.

So, the ponies keep very busy on their winter holidays and there’s plenty to do when the grass is frosty.

Watch the video to find out more:

The ponies are on their winter holidays until 7 March 2020.

Bookings will open for pony fun in late winter and you can join the waiting list to be the first to hear when bookings open.

Once bookings open you will be able to book online for:

Pony Mornings – are 2 hours long and are delightful early riding and learning experiences for children from age 4 years old. Children enjoy both riding and pony care. They cost £55 per child.

Starter Rides  are 45 minutes long and are specially designed as first riding experiences for children from age 2½ years old. They cost £40 per child.

The office is open throughout the winter and you can book Birthday Parties on the phone and buy Gift Vouchers online here, or give us a call in the office on: 07734 950309 or info@shetlandponyclub.co.uk

Small Ponies…Big Dreams from
Rosemary, Liz and all the ponies and the Team at Shetland Pony Club