Creme Brulee

Shetland Pony Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee - Face of Amazon Pets winner 2018

Name: Creme Brulee
Age: 17 years old
Size: Midi Shetland
Colour: Bright chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Creme Brulee wins Face of Amazon Pets 2018

We are delighted that Creme Brulee has been crowned the Face of Amazon Pets 2018 beating thousands of entries from across the UK.   Watch his winning video here:

Creme Brulee, one of the pets with them most likes and shares on social media, joined a Face of Amazon Pets short list of much-loved pets in a range of categories (dogs, cats, fish, birds, small animals, horses and reptiles).

The Face of Amazon Pets judging panel comprised of some of the UK’s most influential social media stars of the pet world, including:

  • Star of Strictly Come Dancing, Ashley Roberts, and owner of Cooper, her Maltese dog, who wowed crowds;
  • Pet photographer and owner of Instagram star Winny the Corgi, Rachel Oates;
  • Former Face of Amazon Pets winner, Effie the Bunny, represented by her owner, Annie Swift; and
  • Pet Supplies Director,, James Bate.

Creme Brulee was crowned the winner of the Face of Amazon Pets 2018 and received the main prize of a £1,500 Amazon Gift Card and a photoshoot with professional pet photographer Rachel Oates, images from which will be featured on the Pet Supplies Store this autumn.

“We are so proud of Creme Brulee, we knew he was special and destined for great things. His long blonde eye lashes and fluffy coat make him the ‘mane’ attraction at Shetland Pony Club, and he loves to dress up,” said Creme Brulee’s owner, Maddie Norris from Cobham, Surrey, who keeps Creme Brulee at nearby Shetland Pony Club.  “He is going to love the ‘horse-play’ and attention from his win. We’ll buy some tasty pony treats and a rug for him from his Face of Amazon Pets winnings.”

“Creme Brulee was a delight to be photographed. He was so at ease in front of the camera showing off some of his best moves and he posed like a pro,” said Rachel Oates, Face of Amazon Pets photographer and judge. “From what I have seen, Creme Brulee is far from a one trick pony and could well have a modelling career ahead of him.”

Adorable 17-year-old male Shetland pony Creme Brulee and his friends at Shetland Pony Club are available for children aged 2½ – 10 years old to ride, by appointment only. Children can come and enjoy Starter rides and Pony Mornings at his home at: The Ranch, Cobham, Surrey where their motto of “Small Ponies…Big Dreams” really has come true.

All about Creme Brulee

creme-brulee the Shetland Pony

Name: Creme Brulee
Age: 17 years old
Size: Midi Shetland
Colour: Bright chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Creme Brulee is a delightful Shetland pony.  His very striking colours make him a firm favourite! He is cheeky and is keen to be loved. He is Honeybee’s best friend!

Creme Brulee has a loyal following of fans all over the world thanks to his Instagram page run by Maddie.  He has had many appearances on our You Tube Show Shetland Pony Club TV too.

Creme Brulee learns a new trick

Shetland ponies love to learn new tricks. In this short film you can see Creme Brulee learning a new party piece. Have you seen him do this at the ranch? Which other ponies can do this trick at Shetland Pony Club?

Creme Brulee wants his oats

It’s harvest time at Shetland Pony Club and Creme Brulee wants oats for breakfast. Are they good for Shetland ponies? Can other horses eat oats? There is only one pony at the ranch who has oats for breakfast. Find out who in our mini film?

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