In this week’s Shetland Pony Club TV, we’re live from Cupcake’s dream stable – all decorated for Christmas. Take a look!

Cupcake and Rosemary are excited to show you what’s inside the stable and the new online pony club which is launching soon, in time for Christmas.

(If you haven’t seen my two other short videos in this series – do watch them first, see below).

P.S. Do try the quiz, which is like the ones you’ll find in the online club, and leave a comment below.

Cupcake’s Dream Stable

Watch the video about Cupcake's Dream Stable then try the fun quiz

Have you seen my other two videos?

Watch them here now – this is video two.

Have you seen my first video?

If not – watch it here first and leave a comment below:

From Rosemary and the Shetland ponies

P.S. I’ve been helping over 6,000 children with their first riding experiences for 25 years and I’m so excited to be letting you into my secret