Prince William

Delightful pony, Prince William is one of our Shetland ponies that is perfect for Shetland Pony Club’s Pony Share Members.

His breeding is called a ‘Midi Shetland’, which is very close to the type originally found on the Shetland Isles.

He is 97 cm or 38 inches high. Shetlands are measured in inches, not hands, but if people ask you, he is 9 hands 2 inches! They are measured from the ground to the wither (shoulder) using a measuring stick.

Prince William, Shetland Pony in the poppies

Pony Facts

Age: 18 years old
Size: 38 inches
Colour: Bay ( brown with a black mane and tail) with a white blaze on his face.  A blaze is a wide whits stripe that goes down the centre of the face as you can see here.


Prince William, Wills for short, is a pretty pony with grand breeding! He has a beautiful mane and tail and is a perky and cheeky Shetland pony. In winter, he has a very fluffy coat, and being very photogenic, he is a popular choice with many children. See below for a video all about him…

Prince William and the Amazing Shetland Pony Rocking Horse

Prince William, our Shetland Pony, is a bit of a supermodel and has been asked to model for a Shetland Pony Rocking Horse. Come and see if the rocking horse looks like him.

Prince William is a lovely pony for the more experienced rider. He is ideal for children to enjoy Own a Pony Experiences. You can find out more about Own a Pony Experiences here.

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