Mufasa and Fudge are scratching withers in the field but what does this mean and why do they do it?


When the ponies live in a natural herd outside together like ours do, you often find the ponies standing together with a friend rubbing the top of their withers.


The wither is the point at the top of the legs and bottom of the mane.


The ponies scratch each other’s withers to make friends within the heard and it is something that they learnt from their mothers when they were little foals. It’s very comforting for the ponies to be scratched on the withers. Can you see which ponies are making friends in the field together?


In the springtime the ponies scratch more so that their winter coats comes out. Which ponies are helping each other lose their winter coats?


So if you want to make friends with your pony it’s a good idea to give him a scratch on his withers then he will be your friend for life.

Watch the video to find out more: Scratching withers, why do Shetland Ponies do that?

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