It’s a hot, humid summer’s evening at Shetland Pony Club and there’s a huge storm brewing. Are the Shetland ponies going to be OK? Fortunately they are bred to survive really severe weather on the Shetland Islands. You can see how they cope with rain in our mini-film about the scary summer storm. Can you spot which pony is the muddiest?

Shetland ponies are very hardy. At Shetland Pony Club you can learn all about the ponies and how best to look after them, in good and bad weather.

Shetland Pony Club is open at the weekends until the end of November for: Pony Share Members, Pony Mornings, Starter Rides and Birthday Parties too.

Join in the fun at Shetland Pony Club . You can take part in pony adventures too…we get very busy so do book now.


Shetland Pony Club has more pony mini-films for you to watch here.

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