On Monday night, a lunar eclipse coincided with a special full red Supermoon. Watch the film to see how the Shetland ponies reacted to this rare event at Shetland Pony Club. You can also see how the ponies behaved when there was a partial eclipse of the sun. See what the ponies did when the sun disappeared and what happened afterwards…

Shetland Ponies live in harmony with the environment. Come and experience that harmony too at Shetland Pony Club. Learn all about our ponies and their behaviour when you come.

There’s lots going on with the ponies at Shetland Pony Club this autumn and our popular Regular Rider Lessons are now back. We also have Halloween Pumpkin Rides and the usual Pony Mornings and Starter Rides over half term. Spaces are filling up fast, so do book now.

Shetland Pony Club News

Shetland Pony Club is open at the weekends until the end of November for: Pony Share Members, Regular Rider Lessons, Pony Mornings, Starter Rides, Halloween Pumpkin Rides and Birthday Parties too.

Join in the fun at Shetland Pony Club …we get very busy so do:


Shetland Pony Club TV has more pony mini-films for you to watch here.

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