How strong are Shetland ponies?

Join Rosemary in this week’s advice video as she answers your question, how strong are Shetland ponies?

We often get asked the question how do the Shetlands manage to carry the children when they are so small? Our Shetlands range in size from 32 inches- 42 inches, from the ground to the top of their withers, so they are very small indeed. However, they are very strong in proportion to their size.

Shetlands are strong because:

  • Their lower legs have strong, stocky, and thick cannon bones (the bone between the hoof and the knee)
  • They have a wide chest and their heart is big and strong
  • They have a muscular neck, compact body, and short back

Fun Facts:

  • Shetlands can pull twice their body weight compared to a large horse that can pull only half his body weight
  • A child on a Shetlands back is the equivalent to us carrying a large handbag
  • Our larger ponies can carry weight up to 7 stone

Watch the video to find out: how strong are Shetland ponies?

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