Why are ponies good for children – The Science: Parents Advice Part 1

Why are ponies good for children? Parents often ask us this question, and in the first video in our Parents’ Advice Series, Rosemary, Founder of Shetland Pony Club, shares the science that explains this important subject. 

Spending time in nature 

There are lots of benefits for children of being in nature. Shetland Pony Club is a Founder Member of the Children and Nature Network where there is an extensive library of scientific evidence demonstrating that being outside in nature helps with long term mental and physical health.

Connection with an animal 

Being with an animal gives the benefits of responsibility and empathy. Children experience love and responsibility when caring for their pony. Scientific studies have also shown that it can improve decision making. 

Chin up, on your pony! 

Being on screens causes us to look down and have poor posture. Looking up and sitting tall is known to make you feel good and is an important part of riding safely. Learning new pony skills boosts your confidence and increases your happiness too.  

In summary, there are lots of good reasons why ponies are good for children. 

Watch the video to find out more and leave a comment below. 

From Rosemary, Liz, Libbie, the Team, and all the ponies at Shetland Pony Club 

P.S. In the next video we find out more about how your child can benefit from riding. 

 Pony Share Membership 

If you’d like your child to ride regularly and be outside in nature with a pony, you can become a Pony Share Member. We are enrolling now for regular riding from March and you can find out more here.  If you’d like to enrol your child for Pony Share Membership join the waiting list and we will be in touch.

Bookings update 

The office is open throughout the winter.  We start riding again on 2 March 2024. 

General bookings for 2024 will open on 31 January.  Join the VIP waitlist to be the first to know when bookings are released. 

What to book on 31 January 

Starter Rides– are 45 minutes long and are specially designed as first riding experiences for children. Now from age 3 years old. £50 per child. 

Own a Pony Experiences– are two hours long and are delightful early riding and learning experiences for children from age 4 years old. £75 per child. 

Shetland Pony Parties – amazing pony parties for children aged 3 -10 years old. Use of a private facility with 6 ponies, creating magical memories for your child’s birthday. One and a half hours, £750 for 10 children. Extra riding children (up to 18), £30 each.  

Take a moment to watch this week’s video: Why are ponies good for children 

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