Summer pony ride to the wildflower meadows

Join us this week as our Pony Share Members enjoy a summer pony ride to the wildflower meadows.

Getting ready for a summer pony ride

The Pony Share Members come every week to ride their special pony. Let’s join them as they pick out the hooves and tack up the ponies to get ready for riding.

Prince William is looking forward to his ride, and Dinky is happy to be on the way to find the wildflower meadows.

Over the hills and far away

The ponies head out across the Surrey Hills to find the wildflowers.  Once they come through the gate, there is a sea of flowers as high as the ponies’ eyes.

Wonderful wildflower meadows

The flowers stretch as far as the eye can see, and the ponies and their riders love to wind through the twisty paths, spotting butterflies along the route. What a lovely day!

Watch the video to find out more:

Shetland Pony Club is open

Extra Summer Camp dates are available in August on:

  • Wednesday 11 August 2021
  • Thursday 19 August 2021
  • Monday 23 August 2021
  • Thursday 26 August 2021  

To find out if we have a suitable pony for your child, please email us with your child’s name and date of birth and their camp day availability

Extra Summer Starter Rides and Own a Pony Experiences available

Shetland Pony Parties, Starter Rides  and Own a Pony Experiences at weekends, and in the holidays including:

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For your safety we have COVID – secure procedures in place:

  • Please minimise the number of people attending with your child within the current government guidelines.
  • You are welcome to watch from our socially distanced benches and marquee.
  • Find out more about our COVID-secure procedures here.

Do take a moment to watch this week’s video: summer pony ride to the wildflower meadows

Enjoy your riding

From Rosemary, the Shetland Pony Club Team and all the Shetland ponies

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What makes a quality Shetland Pony?

This week we find out what makes a quality Shetland Pony in an information video from Rosemary.

Find out about pony passports and if they mean that a pony has good breeding.

You will learn which characteristics to look for in a quality Shetland Pony, such as a kind eye and a friendly presence.

We will also show you more features to look out for: such as a full mane; a high set tail, a fluffy coat and small ears to protect them from the poor weather in the Shetland Islands.

There’s lots more information in the video and you can find out which of our ponies are well-bred and high quality.

Watch the video to find out more:

Half Term riding at Shetland Pony Club

We are nearly fully booked for pony riding in October Half Term from Saturday 26 October to Sunday 3 November, including our famous Halloween Pumpkin Rides.

Do book ahead for:

Pony Mornings – are 2 hours long and are delightful early riding and learning experiences for children from age 4 years old. Children enjoy both riding and pony care. They cost £55 per child.

Starter Rides  are 45 minutes long and are specially designed as first riding experiences for children from age 2½ years old. They cost £40 per child.

Halloween Pumpkin Rides – Come and enjoy our legendary Halloween Pumpkin Rides, themed pony treasure hunts for pony-mad witches and wizards.  Enjoy 1½ hours of pony riding fun. From 4 years old, £55 per child. 2.15pm – 3.45pm.  Children can dress up if they wish (wear outdoor clothes underneath your costume).

  • Saturday 26 October 2019 – almost full
  • Tuesday 29 October – almost full
  • Wednesday 30 October 2019 – almost full
  • Thursday 31 October 2019 – almost full


Any questions? Do contact Liz in the office for more help on: 07734 950309 or

Small Ponies…Big Dreams from
Rosemary, Liz and all the ponies and the Team at Shetland Pony Club