Training time with our Shetland Ponies

It’s training time with our Shetland Ponies as we get ready for the new season, starting next weekend, at Shetland Pony Club. The winter holidays are over and the team and ponies are getting ready to start riding again. All the children will be arriving soon, so the ponies need to practice with the team, in preparation for 2 March, opening day.

Training Time

Liz, a BHS Accredited Coach, is training the team with lots of exercises. They practice getting the ponies to walk nicely, to halt and back through some poles, followed by a lovely scratch – pony speak for “well done!”.

Natural Horsemanship teaches great manners

The ponies and team learn to halt by a cone, then stop precisely, with one foot over a pole. They love pleasing their staff member and are rewarded naturally, with a good scratch as their mother would give them in the wild.

Brulee’s brilliant back-up

Once those skills have been mastered, the ponies learn to go backwards through some poles. Crème Brulee is an old hand at this. Watch him show us how it’s done, in this week’s video.

One week to go before we open

There’s just over one week to go before we open for riding again, on 2 March 2024. If you’d also like to join the team and ponies with your child, and to start riding, bookings are now open online here.

Watch the video to find out more:

We can’t wait to see you for riding again.

From Rosemary, Liz, Libbie, the Team, and all the ponies at Shetland Pony Club

P.S. Bookings for riding at Shetland Pony Club are filling up fast, and we start riding again on 2 March 2024.

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Shetland Pony Club reopens on 2 March 2024

What to book at Shetland Pony Club

Starter Rides – are 45 minutes long and are specially designed as early learning to ride experiences for children. From age 3 years old. £50 per child.

Own a Pony Experiences – are two hours long and are delightful early riding and learning experiences for children from age 4 years old. £75 per child.

Shetland Pony Parties – amazing pony parties for children aged 3 – 10 years old. Use of a private facility with 6 ponies, creating magical memories for your child’s birthday. One and a half hours riding time, £750 for 10 children. Extra riding children (up to 18), £30 each.

Easter Egg Hunts – Shetland Pony Treasure Hunts especially for Easter, learning to ride along a trail and chocolate eggs to find in the countryside. Ages 4 to 10 years old. One and a half hours – £75 per child.

More booking ideas

Summer pony camp days and weeks – enjoy the whole day with your favourite Shetland pony. Learn to ride him, look after him and enjoy being with him all day long. 9:30am – 4pm, Summer holidays only. Age 5+. £150 per day.

Pony Share Membership – experience a pony of your own, the easy way. Learn to ride, build a bond with your pony, come regularly to our club and enjoy pony riding in the countryside.

  • Pony Membership– a pony of your own each week, 2 hours, from age 4+ £275 per month.
  • Mini Membership– a pony of your own each week, 45 minutes, from age 3+ £195 per month.

Pony Walking Experiences – the perfect way for grown-ups and everyone aged 11+ to enjoy Shetland Ponies in the beautiful Surrey countryside. Come and spend time learning about and leading an adorable Shetland Pony. Followed by coffee and brownies. 1 Hour, £50 per adult.

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Take a moment to watch this week’s video: Training time with our Shetland Ponies: