Looking for a new Shetland pony on the Shetland Isles – Part 2

Last week, we found some Shetland pony stallions that were too big for us and some foals that were too small. So this week we visit Shetland ponies on Bressay, another island, to try and find the perfect Shetland pony for us.

Shetland ponies on Bressay

Bressay is a short ferry ride from the Shetland Mainland. It is famous because there is a special Pictish Stone there called the Bressay Stone. It is carved with a Shetland pony being ridden by a Viking. So Shetland ponies are thought to have travelled to Shetland on Viking longships.

Grassy pastures are ideal for breeding Shetland ponies

The Marquis of Londonderry used the rich grasses on Bressay to breed many Shetland ponies to be used in coal mines around the world. They travelled by boat too, but they are not here now, so we need to look elsewhere.

Burra and the Shetland Pony Experience

The Merkisayre Stud on the Island of Burra has many wonderful ponies and the most adorable mares and foals. So do they have the perfect Shetland pony for us?

Watch the video to find out more:

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Do take a moment to watch this week’s video: Looking for a new Shetland pony on the Shetland Isles – part 2


From Rosemary, the Shetland Pony Club Team and all the Shetland ponies

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