Batman the Shetland pony gets new plastic shoes

With the very hard ground, Batman the Shetland pony has been struggling with sore feet.

Batman the Shetland pony gets new plastic shoes

Batman the Shetland pony has thin soles on his hooves, which bruise easily and the very hard ground has made his feet sore.

Bigger horses with sore feet can be shod with metal shoes that have pads on them to help protect their hooves, but Batman’s hooves are very small, making this difficult.

Special plastic shoes for Shetland ponies

Our farrier has found some special plastic shoes which are small enough for Shetland ponies. They have been approved in a university study and are glued onto his feet, rather than put on with nails.

The shoe with the perfect fit

The special plastic shoes fit Batman’s hooves perfectly. They have a special bar at the back to protect his heal, and a triangle under his hoof to support his frog and protect his sole.  They are very neat and you can hardly see them.

Very happy Shetland pony

Batman really likes his new shoes.  He feels so much more comfortable and can now go riding again, thanks to our farriers.

Watch the video to find out more:

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